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The 12 Secrets of Online Sucess by Darcy Ogandaga

1) Website
2) Social Media Applications
3) C.R.M
4) Pocasts
5) Videos, Online Courses and Webinars
6) Affiliate Programs
7) Publishing
8) Live Monitoring
9) Crowd Funding
10) Going Global
11) Equipments
12) Software

How To Produce and Monetize any Video Content by Darcy Ogandaga

How to add clickable links to your YouTube Videos

How to capture your computer screen for tutorials purposes

How to stream directly on your Facebook Page What is the difference between YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites

How to use Google Hangout For Business

How to create and host your own Webinar, Webcasts, Telecasts, Podcast and Pay- Per- View Events

How to Sell your content on Netflix, Amazon, Itunes and Comcast Distribution and Affiliates.

Who this course for: Authors Coaches Fitness Trainers Teachers Preachers Speakers Real Estates Investors & Agents. Network Marketers CEO Web Series Producers H.R Professionals Direct Sales This course will change your brand forever!!!